Video – Highest and Best Use in Residential Appraisals

Welcome to "Lunch & Learn" with Melissa Bond and Craig Morley as they discuss important factors and issues regarding to highest and best use in residential appraising.  Topics ranging from what you can appraise as a residential appraiser,…

Video - iPad Pro 2020 vs Samsung Note 10+

Looking to upgrade but unsure of the pros and cons of the latest technology?  Check out as Craig Morley goes over a few of the distinct differences between the iPad Pro 2020 and the Samsung Note 10+ and a few tips for each one to help your…

Video - Appraising During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Why Lenders Want Interior Inspections

Watch as Craig Morley goes over several points of information for appraisers during the COVID-19 pandemic and why lenders want interior inspections.

Video - Appraisal Tips - Useful Tools and Technology

Check out these videos as Craig Morley goes over a few useful tools and gadgets that appraisers can utilize while out on the field!

Video – Who Is Doing Your Appraisal?

Information all about appraisal waivers and bifurcated appraisals.  Check out the video above as Craig Morley goes into detail about how these factors affect a purchase transaction!

Video - Appraisal Licensing

Southern Utah Prepares for St. George Parade of Homes 2018

We're once again approaching the St. George Parade of Homes a.k.a the grand tour of all the newest and best homes recently built. It allows builders and home owners a chance to show off their creations to the general public, while helping to…

Economic Update Southern Utah Pre-Q1 2018

Accurity Valuation - Morley and McConkie has released their Economic Update Southern Utah Pre-Q1 2018. This issue covers a quick economic overview of Southern Utah, Nevada, and a Market Conditions Report for home owners. In Utah as a whole,…

Appraisal Standards Board issues new Q&As for January 2018

The Appraisal Standards Board has issued three new USPAP Q&A for January 2018. Looking at these questions in the context of recent new articles about 'drive-by appraisals' it is clear that the Board is addressing questions on this subject. Question…