Video – Highest and Best Use in Residential Appraisals

Welcome to "Lunch & Learn" with Melissa Bond and Craig Morley as they discuss important factors and issues regarding to highest and best use in residential appraising.  Topics ranging from what you can appraise as a residential appraiser,…

Video - iPad Pro 2020 vs Samsung Note 10+

Looking to upgrade but unsure of the pros and cons of the latest technology?  Check out as Craig Morley goes over a few of the distinct differences between the iPad Pro 2020 and the Samsung Note 10+ and a few tips for each one to help your…

Video - Appraising During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Why Lenders Want Interior Inspections

Watch as Craig Morley goes over several points of information for appraisers during the COVID-19 pandemic and why lenders want interior inspections.

Video - Appraisal Tips - Useful Tools and Technology

Check out these videos as Craig Morley goes over a few useful tools and gadgets that appraisers can utilize while out on the field!

Video – Who Is Doing Your Appraisal?

Information all about appraisal waivers and bifurcated appraisals.  Check out the video above as Craig Morley goes into detail about how these factors affect a purchase transaction!

Video - Appraisal Licensing
Solar Panels

What to know about purchases involving solar panels

This article on solar panels first appeared on Homes with solar panels are becoming increasingly common in some markets in Utah. The increase in solar companies, government subsidies, and financing options over the past…

USA Today notes St. George as fastest growing Metro area

A recent article by USA Today finds St. George, UT as the fastest growing metro area in the U.S. according to the U.S. Census Bureau. According to the Census Bureau the population of Washington County increased 4% from 2016 to 2017. St. George…

Cost of Commute: Cedar City to St. George

The "Commute: Cedar City to St. George" question comes up a lot during conversations with newly married couples and people looking for entry-level housing. The current lack of entry-level housing in Washington County leaves many families scrambling…