What can I expect during the appraisal process?

Before the Inspection

  • No need to clean. The appraiser looks at the structure, not the mess.
  • You can choose to be there, or not. Just make sure you leave things unlocked.
  • Leave it open. All rooms must be accessible to the appraiser.
  • 20-30 minutes is the average inspection time.

Provide your Documents

  • Lists of repairs or upgrades made (no receipts needed).
  • Known maintenance needed.
  • Water rights numbers, ownership records, etc.

During the Inspection

  • Exterior first. The appraiser takes photos and measures your buildings.
  • Make sure all gates and sheds are unlocked and accessible.
  • Interior next. The appraiser takes photos and inspects each room.
  • Have info ready. Be honest with the appraiser and feel free to ask questions.

About Exterior Inspections

  • Features such as landscaping, pools, fencing, views are photographed and noted.
  • Adverse site features such as inadequate drainage, environmental issues, or exterior influences are noted.

About Interior Inspections

  • Value excludes personal property (messy floors, BBQs, appliances not included in sale, etc).
  • Appraiser will map the rooms, take photos and note features of the home.
  • Family and pets should be ready for appraiser to enter each room.
  • Appraiser will noted needed maintenance (holes, roof leaks, settlement, safety problems).

FHA/USDA/VA Appraisals

  • These appraisals are concerned with health, safety, and property condition. Additional items are inspected.
  • Attic and crawl space, utilities are functioning, adequate egress from bedrooms, etc.
  • Common deficiencies are peeling paint, standing water, inoperable HVAC, or poor drainage.

  After the Inspection

  • The inspection is the very beginning of the appraisal process.
  • The appraiser won’t know the value of your home during the inspection.
  • Your report will be given to your lender (or whoever the client is), so ask lender for a copy.
  • If you have questions, first ask your lender who can then call the appraiser.

About the Appraisal

  • Reports will be released only after full payment is received by all parties.
  • Appraisals are made using the information available during the effective date of the appraisal.
  • If you have information you’d like considered, ask your lender or appraiser.